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December 26th, 2004, 01:32 PM
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He called me on Christmas Eve. I was upstairs watching television and just be lazy and my brother gave me the phone and I asked who it was and he said its James and I was like oh god Im not ready for this conversation, so I took the call and I said hi and he asked me what was going on and what it was I needed to talk to him really bad for, I told him I took a pregnancy test and that it was positive and he was like man this is big and he kept talking about his girlfriend who I had no idea about. Well he ended the call saying he needed to think. He called me Christmas morning at my friends house crying making it alot worse on me. I dont know if he is meaning to or not but he is, he said he is afraid of loosing his girlfriend who he is supose to marry...and he never had a father and didnt know how to be one. I dont understand, doesnt he know how this sorda ###### happened, he wasnt that drunk, I was the one trashed, why does he got to make it worse when I have excepted it and gotton happy about it, now all I have done is thought about it and cried because now I am so confused to what to do. I wrote him a letter telling him I will never abort this child cause I couldnt live with that decison, and my family would disown me for good. My parents are happy about it, just not about the situation and neither am I, but I have gotton use to this. I am changing everything I do for this baby and he is making it so much harder on me. I dont need to stress out over this but its like he doesnt care. What do I do? I kinda wish I never told him but it was the right thing to do right???

Also what is with it when I guy comes out and says are you sure I am the only one you have been with. I mean if we wasnt sure why the hell would we tell you you are the father. Just because there are girls out there who frame men..I am 100 percent he is the father, he is the only one I have been with in 7 months. God I feel so depressed from all this ######.

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"my little angel is now with my dear grandmother, I know she is watching her for me, til I can go home to her and meet my baby girl for the first time"
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