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July 3rd, 2007, 06:38 AM
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Ok, don't freak out just yet. I know it's a very frightening. Brandon has never been admitted to the hospital for like a long amount of time, but, when he's had certain tests done (when we got a blood and urine sample, did his sweat test for CF etc any test done at the hospital) he was technically admitted during that time. B was labeled FTT at 6 mo when he fell totally off the chart as well, we have never found a reason for it. My nephew (who is 6mo older) fell off the chart at 12 mo (the same month B did) and he went through all the same things. Both boys are totally fine now, so please let that make you feel better.

I can't remember the specifics of Anna's case (does she drink milk?) but we were told about a powder called Scandishake, here's a link. You add one packette to 8oz of whole milk and it makes 600 calories. Our GI doc said we could give him a shake a day and it really, really helped. I would give him half in the morning (it did make him less hungry when he had it) and the rest after his nap.

Another thing that we did was give him a prescription to Periactin, you may want to ask about this medicine. I think it's an allergy med but one of the side effects is increase in hunger. Brandon eats like a maniac when he's on this and can easily put on a lb in a weeks time. I've taken him off since he's back on the chart but his doc said I can give him more if I notice him going back to his old ways.

Now, what you said about it possibly effecting her physical/intellectually...Brandon (and his cousin who's been through this) are two of the smartest, most physical boys I know. Reading through the posts in my PR I've learned Brandon is at or above where all the other children are. He's got a huge vocabulary, large understand of commands and walks and runs just fine.

Please PM me if you need to talk. I even have IM if you ever want to chat that way. I know first hand how terrifying this can be and I hope it helps you to know that several of us have been there and our kids are totally fine. HUGS. Please keep us posted!!
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