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August 29th, 2005, 11:19 PM
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Delainie - I much prefer Laina, Laine, Lainey or Elaine. The 'De' part really puts me off - makes it sound really harsh.

Rayann - I really dislike this one. Some suggestions are Rani, Raizel, Rayna, Rae

Kiah - I think just Kia would be nicer. I also love Kiara - I think it is beautiful.

Makena - I really dislike this one. If you must use it go with Mackenna or Mackenzie. I think when a name is spelled properly in this day and age it is almost MORE original that an alternative spelling.

Mikell - I think Mika is just so much cuter. It also means 'God's Child'

Alexander - I love Alexander - and there can be a lot of good nicknames from this one.

Jace - I really think that Jason is nicer. I also really love Jacob.

Jonathon - Beautiful

Thomas - Beautiful

Tucker - Like the bush tucker variety?

Riley - This is nice

Jaxon - This is nice but I prefer Jacques or Jack.

Brennon - I think Brendan and Brenton are so much nicer.

Leeanna - This is nice, but drop the a. I like Leanne.

Brendon - Genious

Gabrienna - Gabrielle is beautiful, Gabrienna is

Brody - I like this. At least it is legit.

Layla - Leala is nice as is Leila. Layla is OK just not my favourite

Bronson - It is OK

Joelle - It's nice

Dallas - Nice

Elle - Its nice but I prefer Eleanor, Eleora and Ellen. Helena is also nice.

Gauge - George is nicer

Manwella - To me it sounds like jibberish for there is a man in the well.... sorry. How about Manilla, Manuela, Miranda.

Damien- Its gorgeous. I prefer it spelt with an a though.

Emmalyn nn Emmy - I prefer Emmeline but Emmalyn isnt terrible.

Zachary - This is on my shortlist. I also like Isaac.

Morgan - I like it only for a little girl
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