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July 3rd, 2007, 04:01 PM
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My daughter is 15 mons, and sometimes I use a swat to the hand to get the point across when no isnt working, especially if it is something she is holding/doing with her hand.
HOWEVER, she doesnt seem to care.[/b]
If it is something she is doing/holding with her hand and "NO" and or the swat to the hand are not getting through to her, then I would try physically taking her hand away (or thing out of her hand) while saying no, and redirect her to a toy, activity or another room.

I use spanking as a last resort, so I don't have a specific age that I started at. Time-outs and standing in the corner worked really well for my dd, and as long as they work I will keep doing that when needed. She has had 2 spankings in her life, when her tantrums were out of control and she was disrespecting me. My DS is 20 months and he has had a swat on the diaper for climbing on top of the kitchen table. At his age, I don't think it would accomplish anything to use it as a punishment, so I would only give him a swat for doing something dangerous.

But every child is different so she may respond to it at this age. Whatever you decide to do, be consistent!!! That is the most important thing.

Good luck!

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