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July 4th, 2007, 03:54 AM
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I've started feeling worse and worse, my Reynaud's started acting up a couple of months ago (about two weeks after I had my last doctor's appt. when they told me I was still in remission, grr) and that was the first signs of coming out of remission. I didn't hang much here when I was in remission since I didn't feel I had much to discuss, and, really, I felt guilty that I got to go in remission, even if it was just for a few months. But now I'm back, joy.

I have got to get back to the doctor. I've started to notice more and more petechiae on my trunk, which the medical sites tells me is related to my autoimmune disorder. Also, it really scares me, my left arm has started randomly going numb and limp. I hope that's just something to do with my bad back, like my dad says, and not a worsening/new autoimmune problem. At least it's summer, which for me means less trouble- I don't have much reason to go outside, especially not if it's real hot, and my Reynaud's eases when it's warm. When it's cold, I have to go outside to shovel freakin' snow (we had our last snow in the middle of April), and I stiffen up and lose feeling in my extremities real quick. I hate that.

So that's the update on me, it looks like I'll be around more often now. It means a lot to me to know y'all care.

Love and Hugs to all y'all!
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