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July 4th, 2007, 10:36 AM
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I was 41 1/2 weeks when my doctor finally decided to induce. I went into the hospital on Wednesday night and they induced me around midnight. My water broke at 4 am, but I still wasn't having much in the way of contractions so they upped my dose. I started having contractions buy not regularly. They would peak and then not go back down, then I wouldn't have another one for five minutes. Then I would have a bunch in a short time. It was awful. I couldn't anticipate them and I couldn't tell if they were over or not. I dialated to 4cm and stayed there for four hours. I finally got to 6cm and stayed there for eight hours. My midwife came in and helped me get to 8cm. That was as far as I ever dialated. My husband at the time finally convinced me I needed an epidural, so I got one. Didn't matter though because my button didn't work so we had to keep calling the guy back in to give me more meds. Finally my doctor came and checked on me. Through all of this Damian was fine, his heart rate stayed normal and he wasn't having difficulties. The stubborn boy just did not want to come out. My doctor told me to go ahead and push at 8cm hoping that would help. It didn't. They finally decided to do a C-section. After two minutes in surgery they knocked me out. I found out later it took 17 minutes and two doctors to get my son out. He had gotten lodged in the birth canal and they couldn't get him to budge. He didn't breath for two minutes. They were scared they were going to lose him. He was intubated for 48 hours and in NICU. After that he was fine. Nothing wrong with him at all. I, on the other hand, kept getting fevers and had every test known to man done. They never did find out why and finally let us leave after five days in the hospital. At Damian's two month check-up we finally found out part of the problem. He had Craniosynostosis. One of his sutures had fused so his skull wouldn't shift like most babies do so he got stuck. He had surgery for that at four months old and wore a helmet for the next year. He is now a happy, healthy almost two year old.
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