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July 4th, 2007, 01:54 PM
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Well here it goes..

As everyone knows I was very overdue and getting very tired. I had tried everything to induce labor. Well it got to the point were Castor oil didn't sound soo bad. I know alot of people say it is bad but I did my research before taking it. On wednesday night I took 2 oz. of castor oil. I had a regular BM but nothing else. Then I started to feel sick to my stomach and started throwing up like crazy. I was soo tired from throwing up that I just basically just fell asleep. Around 7:00am Thursday I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I went it felt like a little gush of something but I wasn't for sure. So I sat in bed and watched some t.v. . I then got up about 15min later to turn the light on in my bedroom and what do you know there was a huge gush of water. I was soo excited and I had to call DH at work to hurry up and get home. I took a shower and called L & D and they told me to come in..yay this was it!! I leaked the whole way to the hospital. When they got me in they put me in a small exam room to check baby and my cervix and to test to see if it was really amniotic fluid. I was 1 1/2 cm 90% effaced and she told me that I had a leak and still had alot of fluid to get rid of. Well they admitted me at about 8:30am and I basically just cramped and had some contractions here and there until noon. The Dr. came to see me at 12:30 and he checked my cervix and tried to get the rest of my water out. I was only 2cm. He didn't want to give me pitocin yet he wanted to see how I would do on my own. Well some time passed and still just some cramping so finally about 4:00pm they started the evil drug of pitocin. After that got started the contractions got horrible. I was having them in my back and down my legs. But through it all I was very quiet and just breathed. They put me in the tub around 7:00pm and that is when they really started to hurt. The nurse told me that when I got out of the tub they wanted me to rock back and forth on the birthing ball..I hated that thing!! I didn't want to rock on it and it just annoyed me! So finally she said the baby was probabley in a bad position and that I needed to get on all 4 legs for 20 min so he could turn on his own. I did that for about a half hour and then wanted to lay down. The nurse checked me and I was 4cm..That was it!..I said I wanted my epidural. Well 15 in passed and the nurse came back in and said that the anesthesioligist couldn't make it for a half an hour!! I wanted to kill someone at that point. She gave me some stadol in the mean time to calm the contractions. All it really did was make me sleep in between contractions. I still was just as quiet and calm as could be and I kept telling my DH I thought I was gonna My angel came to give me my epi @ 10:30pm. It started to work right away and my nurse checked my progress and I was 51/2cm. well I fell asleep for an hour and then woke up because I was shivering really bad. They called my nurse in the room and she said that that was a good sign. So she got everything together and then checked me. I was 10cm and ready to push. I stared pushing at about 11:45pm and I watched the whole thing everytime I pushed I saw more and more of his head so I would push harder. The Dr. said he would have to give me an episiotomy and I said no and he said I would tear so I gave in. I watched him cut me and everything but I didn't feel it. Right after he cut out popped Haydens head they suctioned him and then told me to push one more time and out he came! They put him on my chest for an hour before they weighed him. I thought he felt soo tiny but when they weighed him he was 8lbs 6oz 22 in. long and born @ 12:07am on June 29th.
I am happy with the whole experience it was painful but I don't feel I had too much pain to go through. DH was the best Husband a girl could have through it all and he is such a great father.

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