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July 4th, 2007, 02:55 PM
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I don't get it what is going on with me!!! Sept 2006 I got my tubes tied after my 5th pregnancy 4th child. Yesterday morning I had been feeling up to 100% so we went to the store got a few HPT and first thing yesterday morning I took the test and it came out +! How can this be?? Can it be wrong?? Well even if it is truely + no 100% that it'll go full term it could turn out to be another ectopic. So if I don't show any signs of micarry/ectopic then I'll test again and call my ob and see what she says!!! My DH won't come near me or kiss me, I think he's scared he's said if this goes full term then he'll get a vasectomy and I'll get a complete hysterectomy!!! Any suggestions or ideas or comforting words?????? I mean if this is true we are seeing it as God's plan for us and continue on with our lives, but seriously has anyone else gone through this?? I don't want to tell to many people in case things don't turn out, but I need some comforting words since my husband is afraid to come NEAR me. Thanks ladies
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