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July 5th, 2007, 12:31 PM
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Well, I should be about 13 DPO today. Yesterday I had NO energy. I just wanted to lay down and sleep. Of course, it was the 4th and our church was doing a huge celebration and my job was to take pictures, so I couldn't lay down and sleep. It has never felt SO good to lay down as it did last night! I've also been very thirsty. I usually drink a lot of water anyway, (so I never list frequent urination as a symptom. I have it all the time!) but it seems like I can't drink enough. My BBs feel like someone is holding matches on them, which is different from last month, which was just PMS soreness. This morning and most of today I have been pretty nauseous and when I stepped outside this morning this horrible smell hit me...smelled like sour milk or something only worse and I nearly lost my breakfast. I asked DH if he smelled it when he left and he said he hadn't smelled anything unusual. I've been cramping a lot today, which feels a lot like AF cramps, but no sign of her yet. I seem to have an over abundance of CM, too. I'm not saying I'm PG, because until I test, who knows? But, I wanted to list the symptoms I HAVE been having this week, just in case I am. I am determined to wait to test. AF is due either today or tomorrow. (My chart says tomorrow, but I started spotting a day earlier than my chart considers the first day, so it could be today.) I want to try to wait until Monday to test, if AF doesn't show up, but I don't know if I'll be able to wait that long. At any rate, my next journal post will be after I test, or if AF shows. Whichever happens, I am trying not to obsess so much this month so that if I'm not, my stress won't delay my normal body function! We've had several BFPs in the group this month! I hope I can add my name to the list!!

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