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July 6th, 2007, 05:45 PM
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I knew I would be high risk with this pregnancy long before I got pregnant, due to the complications with DS. The placenta started to break down around 32 weeks, but the pathologist couldn't determine a cause. Because they don't know why it happened, they are assuming it will probably happen again. My doctor told me at my post-partum appt with DS that I would need to be monitored very closely in subsequent pregnancies. Now I have high blood pressure, which I didn't have with DS, so my risk for placental problems are even higher.

I am having growth scans every two weeks during the 2nd trimester and will have them weekly in the third. I get a lot of people telling me how lucky I am to get to see the baby that often, but I would gladly give that up for a normal pregnancy. The fewer doctor visits, the better!
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