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July 7th, 2007, 08:28 AM
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I would say Paige Elizabeth ... BUT since Paige is your other DD's middle name, I'm not so sure.

My little sister was given my middle name. We're Lauren Michelle and Michelle Renee. It bugs the crap out of us. Everyone has to comment on how cute it is when they find out my middle name (that was fine when we were 6 and 2 but we're 21 and 17 now!). I hate my first name and would love to have a middle name to use instead, but I don't because it's my sister's name. I would never be able to get anyone to call me Michelle anyway, because it's already used. And my sister doesn't feel like her name has as much meaning (it's just our parents' "second choice", is how she feels).

Ashlynn Elizabeth
Ashlynn Sophia
Ashlynn Juliet
Ashlynn Isabella
Ashlynn Charlotte

Kira Ashlynn
Kiralynn Beth
Kiralynn Eliza
Kiralynn Grace
Kiralynn Faith

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