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December 27th, 2004, 02:21 PM
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I had 2 negative EPT tests last week, (my period was due last Monday, the 20th and I'm on the Pill, so I KNOW exactly when it should have come) and then 2 Positive tests yesterday (First Response and a digital Walgreens brand). So I guess it's true! I'm a huge mixture of emotions. Nervous, shock. Couldn't sleep at all last night. This is me:

I guess I should say a little about myself. I'm 24 (will be 25 next May) and married to my husband B. We got married July, 2003 so it's been about a year and a half for us. Been together about 3 years total. We weren't planning on this happening *this* soon, we kinda had a plan for it in maybe 2 years or so, but how often do things occur exactly as planned? Oh, and yes, I was on the Pill, so it is a little shocking. I rarely miss pills, and if I do, I usually take it the next morning within 8-10 hours of forgetting yeah, this is a little surprising for us. We both work full-time (DH has his Master's degree and hopes to get his PhD at some point) and I am actually supposed to start my MBA part time in January...I don't know how that will be affected. I will start it, and hopefully I can somehow continue, even if I have to take a semester or 2 off or something. I dunno...everything's pretty fuzzy right now, but I guess this was meant to be...I can't think of any other reason why I would get pregnant under such unlikely circumstances.

Edited to add:

Oh, and I have a Dr's appointment for this Thursday. BUT, it's for my regular doctor. The OB/GYN I usually go to for checkups said that they just schedule you for an "Info Session" with a nurse first, then you see the doctor after that. ***? I thought a confirmation appointment (blood test and stuff) would be the first thing they'd want to do. I told her about the HPT's and the results and the OB/GYN receptionist just said that "Oh we consider the HPT's to be pretty accurate..." and she just went on to set me up for an appointment Jan 13. So that's when I called my reg. doctor and got the appointment for a blood test confirmation and checkup...

Also, what does bfp stand for? I've seen it in other posts...

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