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July 8th, 2007, 03:54 PM
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Ladies, i'm kinda new here (it's been a year since we were here) My youngest DD Kendal has never been on the "chart" she weighed 4/14 at birth and that was at 37 weeks. She'll be 3 next month and still weighs 21 lbs, has not gained since last august. Docs considered her FTT for a very long time until we went to allergist. She's allergic to EVERYTHING!!! (Casin (milk), eggs, wheat, chocolate, orange, sweet potatoes, carrots, turkey, chicken, cod fish, pears, grapes, cats, feathers, and grass)
Gastro doc wanted to do an upper GI on her and i refused it because all the stool tests they did came back norm and there was no sign of a problem (vomiting and diaherria*sp*) .. have you had stool tests done? They did the CF test and came back neg.. put her on a weight gain powder and still no gain..
Her allergist tells me not to worry about her weight because she's just petite. (it runs in hubby's family--- French Candian)
I wouldn't stress your self out (easier said than actually done, right?) People are always going to "talk" but that's because they have no clue what its like.
Hugs and Good luck..
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