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July 9th, 2007, 12:09 PM
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Rondee-- NMSAA
Royel-- not a fan
Jansen (boy)-- I have no feeling one way or another, but I think "Jan" could be an embarassing nickname for a boy.
Michael (girl--they call her Mikey)-- I knew a lady with this name. She hated having such an obviously masculine name. It's just NMS, for a girl or boy.
Marstan (boy)-- interesting
Delia--Love it
Emery--LOVE IT
Ramanda-- Just too close to the hotel chain for my taste!
Teegan (boy or girl)-- NMS
Cambrey-- Cute, for a girl.
Teah (pronounced Tae-uh)-- NMS
Keean-- NMS
Kel-- This is my sister Kelly's nickname. It just doesn't seem like a full name to me.
Talon- Like the claw on a bird? NMS, sorry.
Shardacee-- I don't like it.
Jorie-- NMS
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