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July 9th, 2007, 05:18 PM
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You're right, there were only 450 girls named Sophia in Michigan last year.

But there were also 420 the year before that. Those 450, the 420 from last year, and all the ones from this year (let's say around 400; it's not dropping off the charts anytime soon) will be in her general age group ... plus the ones born within a year or two after her. That's over 1200 baby girls who will potentially be in her high school classes in 15 years. Plus, there's no guarantee that she will live in Michigan her whole life. There are states where Sophia is ranked even higher.

I think when you're looking at popularity, it's not enough to just look at one year and one state because there are a lot of other variables (and a lot more little girls named Sophia than there might seem at first glance!).

If you want to choose Sophia because you absolutely love it, you're not alone. It's as popular as it is because a lot of people feel that way! But if you name her Sophia, give her a middle name that's not in the top 100. There are lots of beautiful names that aren't. Or choose a less common name and use Sophia in the middle ... either way, if she thinks there are just too many Sophias, she'll have something else to use instead. I sure wish I did!

~ Lauren, whose name was ranked #14 the year she was born
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