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July 10th, 2007, 03:44 AM
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Pedors Shoes developed the weEBor shoe as a result of a request from an adult customer with E.B. who wanted a smaller version of our adult shoe for their child. The company decided that the weEBor project would become the company’s charitable / pro bono campaign to help as many families as they could that needed help in finding footwear that might work. Since then the company has sent shoes all over the world to children with E.B. in need of footwear.

Any family with a child with E.B. that needs a pair of weEBors can ask for a pair by contacting the Pedors Shoe Company directly, or through their local E.B. support group. Those families that can afford to pay for weEBors help support the program for those that can not.

Pedors can not guarantee that weEBors will work for everyone with E.B. However the company has received many testimonials from families saying that they have worked well for their children.

Stephen O’Hare
Pedors Shoes[/b]
WOW! Thank you Stephen for stoping in our board! I am totally looking into getting my girls a couple pair!
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