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July 10th, 2007, 08:09 AM
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Wednesday 6/20/07 we checked in to the Birthing Inn at 7:30 PM. I was hooked up to the monitors right away and Cervidil was placed by 9 PM. It was actually VERY painful. I screamed out and scared the crap out of the nurse. No one has ever reacted to a cervidil placement before. It felt like a razor blade going up inside me. My cervix was very posterior and that was the only reasonable explanation for the pain, but I felt it from the beginning! I was so tender and couldn’t figure out why!

Anyway, because of the IV and my enormous belly, bathroom trips became a team event with either a nurse or my DH helping me. I was given Ambien to sleep (DUH!) by 10:15 and it only made me loopy. I think I was too amped up for it to really kick in.

The plan was to start Pitocin at 5 AM, but when they came in at 5 to remove the Cervidil, again… OUCH!!!, they saw that I had started to labor on my own. So, they let me take a shower at 6AM. I was only at 1 cm dilated when they did my internal at 7 AM. The Pitocin was started at 7:15.

The contractions weren’t too bad, but my back was really starting to hurt. I was then given Fentany (SP?). A narcotic. Have any of you ever seen the Anna Nicole video where she has clown make-up on? Well, while on this Narcotic, Steve and I acted out that video. He was Howard K. Stern’s voice behind the camera! I realized that if I could recite that video verbatim while high, I must have seen it too many times. Watching it back is freakin’ hilarious! You can hear my mom and sister laughing in the background.

Active labor began around 2:45 PM. I was at 3 cm. I was given the epidural at 3:15. My sister and mom watched and now, my sister wishes she hadn’t. Cristie, my nurse, and Steve held me during that to keep my position. Steve refuses to give me any details. I don’t remember feeling any pain during the epi except there was an instance where I felt a pinch and reacted. The anesthesiologist said it was just his finger to mark the area he was going to. Yeah, well cut your nails then, because I know what I felt and that was NO FINGER! The epi kicked in just after 3:30 in full force. I was soooo comfy, but did not like the fact that I could not move my toes. I knew I wouldn’t feel anything from the waist down, but it was still a little scary. I had the Foley catheter placed by 4:25 PM (Steve and I took notes on the timing of everything.)

All 4 of us waited. I was bored and all the excitement was kind of fizzled since the epi kicked in. And then I threw up the grape Popsicle I had just eaten.

Well, without telling me, my mom and Steve both noticed Will’s heart rate plummet from 137 to 93. Before they even went for help, Cristie came through the door with another nurse and I’m getting flipped all around to change position in the hopes that this will help him. Keep in mind, I have no idea why they are doing this. I’m just going with it. I found all this out well after the fact.

My sister, who is as weird as I am if not more so, really wanted to see my water break or be broken. So, when my Dr. came in at 6:05 PM and told me that he was going to break my water, I looked up and gave her my cheesiest toothy smile. My mother laughed at us and said that only I could be in labor and still be funny.

It didn’t seem like any time passed between breaking my water and telling me that we will have to have a c-section. I didn’t care. I had a feeling it was coming. I had GD and my mom had to have c-sections. I did not like being separated from my husband, however. According to my mom, he didn’t like it either. They had him prep himself in the hospital garb while they prepped me for surgery in the OR. I was wheeled into this room with bright lights and white walls and everyone is wearing masks. There was a guy at my head monitoring everything and he even held the little plastic basin for me to throw up again in. He would smooth my hair and talk very calmly to me. It actually helped. Steve was by my side again and I was finally able to let my guard down and look him straight in the eye when I confessed that I was scared. I could feel some tugging. Unbeknownst to me, they had to use a vacuum to get him out. I then felt like a release of pressure. I wanted to keep talking to Steve, but then I heard someone say, “Dad, look over the screen to see your son being born.” The next sound I heard was a cry. It wasn’t Will’s, it was Steve’s. “He’s beautiful.” Was all he could choke out. Then, Will wailed and I was crying. Cristie was off, but stayed with us because she’s friends with my mom. She took my sister’s camera and actually got some great shots of the procedure. There was a stupid thermometer stuck to my forehead. So, in all the pics of our first meeting, I’m wearing it. Lovely!

I do not remember anything after meeting my son. I went under and Steve was whisked away to the nursery with Will. He told me later that he did not like being there without me. He said it didn’t seem right that I wasn’t beside him. Sigh. By then, my Dad, Step-mom, Steve’s Dad and Step-mom were called and with my mom and sister, everyone watched through the nursery window as my son got his first bath.

Meanwhile, I’m in the recovery room thinking that the staff had packed some silky-feeling pillows against my sides. My hands were tucked under these “pillows” and I kept thinking how nice and spa-like. I brought one hand up to move the sheet away to marvel at these “Pillows” only to realize that they were in fact my THIGHS!! I started laughing. Hey, at least I did a good job shaving. Those pillows were silky smooth. The whole time a nurse was telling me something very important. To this day, I have no idea what she was saying.

I’m finally put in my PP room, which I do not remember going into, I just appeared there. And for the third time, just before my son is wheeled in, I throw-up. I remember panicking because I got this fear that they wouldn’t let me hold him if I were throwing-up. I was wrong! I never want to let him go.

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