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July 10th, 2007, 05:31 PM
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I had a friend who had had 3 c's. She really wanted to VBAC with her fourth. She went to, I think, *12* different doctors until she found one that would "let" her VBAC. She had to sign all sorts of waivers saying she wouldn't sue the hospital or the doctor. She had a wonderful VBAC. For her fifth she wanted to birth in the birthing center where Cameron was born but the midwife could only deliver her in the hospital (the midwife's insurance dictated that). My friend decided to do it unassisted. The baby ended up coming very fast and they would not have gotten to the hospital or birthing center anyway. Soon after baby #5 was born they moved but I have since learned she had a sixth child, this one also at home unassisted. They cannot FORCE you and if one doctor says no try another or talk to other midwives. I think my friend was around 8 months by the time she found the doctor that would let her VBAC.

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