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July 11th, 2007, 08:26 AM
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Just curious if anyone taps this avenue. I became a hosting and domain reseller about a year ago. I pay $19.95 a month for a chunk of space, and then can use it for as many domains as I want. I currently have 8 sites hosted on this space (plus my own) and charge $10/month to host. That's like a free $60 for me every month for doing almost nothing, plus it pays for my own site. I have the occasional hassle of dealing with the host company, but I don't mind that. I recommend anyone who's designing sites to go this route! It also means you don't have to hassle with any client's web host (and they're usually the lousy ones and since you aren't the site owner, they won't give you any customer service)

BTW, I use

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