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July 11th, 2007, 03:10 PM
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Ok , so I know how important it is to drink enough water esp when your pregnant but the thing is I can not drink water ! I am not talking about the taste of it , I mean ya it's not the best tasting stuff but that I can deal with if it's good an cold and fresh , but what I mean by can't drink water is that it makes me feel sick to my stomach , it's like I get really full of this empty sloshing and it makes me feel so bad , tap or bottled it doesn't matter . SO any creative ways that I can try to get my water still ? I have started drinking decaf tea and I try to water it down a bit , also watered down cool aid but that's about all I can think of . Anything else I could try ?

P.S. here's what my doula sent me about water in pregnancy , just thought I would throw it up here since I brought it up .

Risks of not drinking enough water in pregnancy:

- urinary tract infections

- low amniotic fluid (Amniotic fluid needs to replenish itself every hour by using roughly a cup of water stored in the body. Low amniotic fluid does not protect the baby.)

- water retention (you need water to flush water out)

- low blood volume (Blood volume should increase to nearly double by the eighth month of pregnancy; it is necessary to drink even more water to compensate.)

- hypertension and other cardiovascular problems (from thick blood)

- premature labor (Dehydration can cause contractions.): Premature labor can have many health risks to the newborn baby. However, some cases of premature labor have been stopped just by giving the mother enough water to re-hydrate her body


- healthier skin

- less acne

- washing away of unnecessary sodium

- less chance for pre-term labor or miscarriage

- better bowel movements

- decreased nausea

- carries nutrients through the blood to the baby
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