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July 11th, 2007, 06:32 PM
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Olivia Hope
July 9th
3:20 Pm
Left of labour .... From first hard contraction to birth 2 hours 10 mins!

Here we go!

Well I’m not going to go back cause all you ladies have been so great listening to me cry the blues for the last what 3 weeks?

So fast-forward to Sunday night! For some reason I was extremely tired Sunday night, could have been that I had been cleaning like the mad woman that I’ am! Went to sleep about 11ish and I woke up and felt odd! My daughter (raven) was still up on the computer and I asked her what time it was and she said 3! I got up to go to the bathroom and stopped, She said what’s wrong? Told her I think my water broke! She starts getting all excited and says im-getting dad! I told her no wait cause I want to make sure! Well have a few huge puddles down the hall I knew time to get DH up! Lol this is funny I go I and wake him up and say. We need to go, and he says to me “ where” I said baby time! He is like oh, I need a shower! LOL

So we get to hospital at 4:15 and get checked and they just hook up the monitors and the IV cause we knew it was going to end up in an induction! By hmm around 4:45 DH is already crashed on the chair snoring! I tired so hard to sleep but I couldn’t I was so scared and so worried you would have thought that this was my first!

So Dh wakes up at 9:00 Doc comes in at 9:30 and starts my Drip! Felt my 1st Contrax about 11 but they weren’t harsh I was moving and walking and all! Around 1 I decided I wanted a shower, so off I went! By the time I was done about 20 mins I was in so much pain I couldn’t handle it! Oh and by this time Dh is sleeping again! So I screamed for him to come help me in the bathroom, got out rang for my nurse to come check me I wanted a epi! She checks and says no you haven’t changed I told her NO I want my epi! By about 1:45 or so epi man came in and saved me! Around 2:20 I was telling the nurse I felt funny and nurse checked me I was 7 to 8! So they called my doc she arrived by 3 and I was complete!

So the pushing started!
I did 3 sets of pushing and she was like oh she has lots of hair!
Then with the 4th set I was like” think she will come with this set” My doc said No maybe next ones!

I was like hmm Im pushing with all my might I want this baby out!
All I can really remember is my doc and DH saying go girl you got it and then it was just a haze! I had my doc telling me Lisa go with me go with me! Then there were 2 nurses standing on my bed pushing my pelvis! DH had my leg right out there and then 4 other nurses and my doc! By now im screaming, what are you doing? You are killing me?
And then my Doc said one huge push Lisa go girl gives it all you have! And it was done!
I got scared cause she didn’t cry right away! And then I was told her shoulders got stuck!
She come out looking at my left leg and her should were up and down not side-to-side!

But she is here and she is amazing! She has me wrapped I tell you. At first it was so unreal I couldn’t believe that I had a baby! The things I was worried about, like DH and how he was going to react to another baby! Just made me melt; now I know why I love this man!

This little girl is going to be one spoiled baby! She has everyone one of her sisters and brothers around her finger! And don’t forget her DADDY!
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