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July 11th, 2007, 08:40 PM
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The way it works is (I'll use hostdime's process as an example since I'm familiar with it, is another good one!), you go and register as a web hosting reseller - anyone can do this. You don't need any sort of special equipment. You choose how much space you need - I have the $19.99 a month package and it gets me I think 5000 MB of space and 10,000 MB of bandwidth. I like hostdime because I set up a subscription payment through my PayPal account and never have to worry about it again. At any time I can select a bigger package with more space. So Now I have a chunk of server space that I can do anything with. I bought my personal website's domain name through hostdime and then got to sign up as a domain name reseller too (to register a domain costs me around $10/yr)

As I get new web clients in, I get their sites designed and then I go and purchase the domain in my name (unless they really want to do it). I then set up a hosting package through my reseller account; I set the size limits for the website and the contact info and such. It's really easy to do. I point the domain to my reseller package and voila, their site is up and running, totally under my control both physically and financially. The client can't take my site design and run off with it, never paying for it. The client can't access the control panel without me, can't mess with the graphics, and can't forget to pay their web host and leave me having to deal with some stupid customer service rep. The only thing the client has to worry about is paying me $10 every month (I offer hosting by the year or monthly with billing or PayPal subscription which does it automatically). It keeps the client from having to worry about dealing with big web corporations at all, and it's GREAT to be able to use my reseller control panel to toggle back and forth between accounts in seconds. My life has gotten so much easier doing my own hosting.

I estimate I could comfortably host 20 small websites from my one $20/month package!

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