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July 11th, 2007, 09:02 PM
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Well it all started in january 2007 when adrianah tried to come out early.. and several times after that..

After a long hard struggle with keepin her in.. she decided to get really comphy and not come out when it was finally safe...
That friday they tried to induce me.. because i was 4cm dilated.. and i reached 6cm but then it closed back up to 4cm.. and nothing happend after a hard struggle with my induction..
Once i reached 39 weeks and 4 days along.. they decided to break my water at 4:30pm that afternoon & sent me home to get some rest before the big night i had ahead of me... at 1:30pm i woke up from my nap and thought what was my water that broke.. wasnt.. i went to the washroom to change my pad and saw a Liver sized clot of blood in my pad.. i was FREAKED right out and started to shake and cry.. i called for my boyfriend Chris, and off we went to the hospital.. they informed me when i got there, they didnt know what was wrong.. but to stop the bleed they were going to break my water sooner to get baby out cuz it was no long safe for her to be in there.. i was happy with that.. after breaken my waters.. the contractions werent really that bad to me.. since ive been haven them since january then when i got about 7 cm they started to hurt a bit more, not to bad.. but i couldnt handle this anymore.. i had wanted to go all natural.. without any drugs.. but bam.. i needed somethen now and fast.. they told me about the gas.. and how it has no long term affect and i should be okay.. once suck of that.. and i was happy and good to go till i reached 9cm which at that point it went so fast to 10 that i kept suckin on it and nothhing happend LOL.. they told me i could have a shot that lasted for 20 minutes.. and it might make the baby a bit goofy , it wasnt demerol or anything tho.. i cant remember the name.. and i said yes.. it felt great for about 3 minutes and then nothing happend i was in horrid pain again.. i had about 4 shots of those.. i tried squating over the bed, laying down, and standing for pushing.. but i think what work best was useing the birthing bar and squating over the bed.. the last couple pushes were laying down though.. and the crowning was the worst part.. after that it was all down hill..
adrianah was born at 10:30pm that evening.. 19 1/2 hours of labor and an hour & a half of pushing..
aparently i was amazing.. and was soooo zen and relaxed.. i only said i hate you once to my boyfriiend.. and my breatheing skills were top notch lol.
After she was out.. i experianced a weird bleed which i almost died..
i lost 2 pints of blood. and had to recieve a blood transfusion.. it was a LONG hard recovery.. and im still gettin some weird pains.. here and there..and i got a couple first degree tare's on the outside and a stitch on the inside aswell...

She was worth it all tho.. and i ALMOST forget the pain and want another one ... i miss being pregnant.. its amazing.

my story is short, and i wanted it to be longer and more detailed but i hardly ever have the attention span of internet anymore lol... sorry it took me so long.
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