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July 12th, 2007, 12:58 PM
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Rondee- ummm, no
Royel- uh, no again
Jansen (boy)- Prefer JENSON
Michael (girl--they call her Mikey)- This would be an ok middle name (I know a Lola Michael), but for a fn, go with Michaela
Marstan (boy)- Ok
Delia- Love it
Emery- Cute
Ramanda- No
Teegan (boy or girl)- Love it... I know a Teegan of each gender!
Cambrey- Love it, on my list, but spelled Kambrie
Teah (pronounced Tae-uh)- Ok without the 'h' a la Tea Leoni
Keean- Prefer Keenan
Kel- Where's the rest of her name?
Talon- Like it... it's the name my friend likes for his future DS
Shardacee- WTH?
Jorie- I work with a Jory... so no

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