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July 12th, 2007, 02:15 PM
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You're absolutely correct. If you're healthy and eat properly, theres no need for all this testing. If you're addicted to soda or sugar like like the tall Starbucks iced whatever, you might have GD. I knew I didn't have GD yet went through the test because I wanted to keep the option of birthing center open. I do want an assisted homebirth with my wholistic midwife - because she knows tricks like using castor oil a certain way to prevent tearing and stuff.

It is absolutely a ploy for people to keep their jobs with all this nonsense testing. And the tests are so inaccurate to begin with. They talk about "soft" indicators for Down's syndrome - a scare tactic for getting more expensive and invasive tests like amnio. I did the math and the probablity of my having a Down Syndrome baby was less than the probablity of a miscarriage from an amnio. They wanted me to come twice more for a level 2 ultrasound because "they couldn't get a good picture of his heart". So I should take off work, trek across town for a photo-op? Makes me so angry at the dollar-hungry, malpractice-scared, butt-covering doctors, and over-zealous politicians infested pre and postnatal system.

I was wondering, if you ladies want a homebirth(some assisted, some not- I would like an unassisted when I get pg again) and want to do it yourselves, why go to the doctor during pregnancy and have prenatal appointments? You can buy prenatal vitamins OTC and if you are experienced, you can measure your fundus yourself, and do self-checks yourself. Is all the testing and blood work really neccessary? Just wondering. Is this a ploy for doctors/medical officials/insurance companies to take our money?

**Disclaimer: I do know the good that prenatal appointments do. Testing for GD, GBS, fetal irregularities, ETC.

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