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July 13th, 2007, 10:02 AM
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I didn't. I had birthplans with my two hospital births, because I knew my preferences and choices would not be something hospital staff would care to consider, so it was necessary to lay it out very clearly for everybody. As it was, I spent most of my two labours fighting anyway because once I was in there it was as if my birth plan never existed at all.

When I first met with my midwife regarding homebirth, we discussed the reasons I wanted it - some hopes I had for the experience. When I realized that her philosophy about birth was exactly like mine, I realized there was no need to write out a birth plan. My hospital birth plan included things like wanting to avoid an episiotomy, wanting to refuse a routine IV, freedom to walk around, no electronic fetal monitoring, etc. None of those were even issues at home, so not even necessary to discuss. Basically, what I wanted at home was the freedom to do whatever I felt like I needed to do in labour - go with the moment and not be bossed around. There was no need to have a set plan about that, because it would unfold on it's own. As for things like who would cut the cord, who would catch the baby - we just discussed it a bit beforehand and our plans changed in the moment anyway.

I would suspect a lot depends on the kind of midwife you have. If she seems to be a bit controlling or set in her ways about how things should go, you may need a birth plan because it's a good "checklist" of things to remember to discuss iwth her. My midwife likes to say there are "midwives" - who understand natural birth and let the woman lead the process. And there are "Medwives" who have a more medical philosophy, in that they believe it is THEY who orchestrate the birth and guide the woman during the process. They tend to use more interventions. I considered a back-up birth plan in case of transfer to the hospital, but I decided not to waste my time. If we did end up in hospital, it would likely be for an emergency reason and there would probably be a medical need for some interventions. Also, nobody would read it anyway and I'd have to remind them about what I wanted - so I decided not to bother.
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