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July 14th, 2007, 06:37 AM
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Hello ladies,

My name is Brandi....I'm 22 and pregnant with my first 2 babies

I found out that I was pregnant on Mother's Day and my pregnancy has been a breeze ever since (until Wednesday)

I have had several u/s and they have all showed one very healthy baby with a strong heartbeat.....on Wednesday I went in for my NT scan and the doctor discovered that there was in fact TWO BABIES and they were conjoined....

Dh and I were hoping that the doctor was wrong (or atleast the twins were conjoined in such a way that they could be EASILY separated)

We were sent to a specialist on Thursday who confirmed our WORST fear....our babies are non-viable conjoined twins.....They have ONE HEAD and ONE HEART but have TWO completely formed bodies....The babies' face has a cleft lip and palate, the heart has a defect and the organs are on the outside of their bodies

There is nothing we can do for them!! My doctor suggested a D&C which I am absolutely not going to do! I told him he is not allowed to cut up and THROW AWAY my babies!!!

I am currently trying to find someone that will induce labor and let me give birth to my babies....the babies are currently alive, but will probably not be alive much longer....they will defnitely be stillborn at the time of delivery, and DH and I have already started making arrangements for their funeral.....

The past few days have been the LONGEST of my life.....I really thought that at the end of this I was going to have a baby.....and now to find out that I am LOSING TWO babies is just beyond devastating.....I am so sorry for the losses you have suffered....I can truly say that I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL....God bless you all and your angel babies.....

Here is a sonogram of my twins
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