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July 14th, 2007, 11:02 AM
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I went to the ER once, at 19 weeks.

I had been dizzy and lightheaded for 3 days with no signs of improvement and I wasn't feeling the baby move so I got really worried because at that time I was barely 2 weeks out of surgery.

The staff was really nice to me and didn't make me feel stupid for going in. They totally reassured me that it was normal to worry after having the major surgery I had just gone through. I even showed them pics of the cyst to show the extent of my surgery. The ER doc actually kept one of the pics to show her OB friend. She was really nice.

And I went to L&D a week ago for headaches (10 in 4 hrs) and cramping. The staff was horrible and my treatment was pathetic. I made sure to tell my doc all about it and I don't think he was too thrilled about what happened. The doc in L&D gave me a script for a vaginal infection that I COULD have because that COULD cause cramping. He never did an exam on me and I had no symptoms or signs of an infection. Needless to say that I didn't fill that script and my doc was happy I didn't. He doesn't think I have one. But instead it was round ligament pains in addition to my incision area fighting the stretching out for baby because its still trying to heal. So its going to be more painful for me than most other women. And that my headaches are probably from low blood sugars and just to keep eating. That I most likely have a fast metabolism and the baby takes a lot of what I put in, so I have to just eat and eat to keep the headaches away. And if I get more he will give me a script for a med that he prefers.
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