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July 15th, 2007, 08:37 PM
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to the ER at all this pregnancy? What for?Where you pleased with the care you recieved?[/b]
yes I rushed myself in at 16 weeks. I was gushing blood. I had clots the size of my hand. They sent me home after 3 hours. They treated me not great. No answers. Just a doppler with a heartbeat for a few seconds. Rushed myself in 3 days later for an even heavier bleed. Stayed there for three day. The treatment still sucked. This time, I got a doppler for five minutes and a 3 second ultrasound and no answers. Basically i spent the time watching tv while the nurses did some maxi pad counts. 23 weeks, rushed myslef in again for a smaller bleed. This time, it was very very different. I stayed for 2 days, was hooked up to a doppler for like 18 hours, had a level 2 ultrasound, had six doctor talk to me and leave me their number, got steroid shots, stool softener, a spounge bath, 2 pieces of cake instead of one, and a massage. You could say I was treated very well. And this time, the bleed was only a small previa bleed. It wasn't even from the sch which was only 1.5 cm. Oh and the first day, no one fed me because I was under observation. I was taken off and allowed to eat meals around 11 that evening. mealtime was over but a nurse insisted I take her turkey sandwhich.
Last march I was rushed to hospital hemmoraging. Now I don't know why I get the crap end of the medical stick but I always do. I won't be telling you horror stories but suffice to say I will never be going back to that place. lolFortunately there are other hospitals that are relatively close.[/b]
I'm sorry about that. Hemmoraging is very scary, I know. May I ask what happened?
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