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July 16th, 2007, 09:52 AM
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My "home" on JM is the June 2006 PR, But,I thought I'd wonder in here and ask a ? to all you experienced TP mommas!!

I def. did not start out as a TP. I didn't beleive in CIO for one,and I could be wrong,but most TP mommas don't breastfeed right?(Totally clueless here)

Anyways,my little problem is this.
My son is now 13 months old and will NOT go to bed on his own!! Now,I do have to say,that w/our first son, he slept w/us in our bed until he was 17 months old.And I do NOT wanna go down that road again! Carson (my 13 month old) will sleep almost all night in his pack n play in our room,but,we have to put him to sleep,he will not just go in there and lay down and fall asleep. (this goes for nap time too) How do I get him the the same routine as my 3.5 year old? (Just going to bed when it's bed time. In his own room,and his own bed) What types of techniques worked for you?
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