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July 17th, 2007, 02:41 PM
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I always tell my clients that a good answer to this question is either one or two weeks. Your ped's answer indicates that she doesn't really understand what a midwife does. You see, in the hospital, every baby is seen during the first 24 hours and that's when the newborn exam is done, BY THE PED. A midwife does that examination (often sooner than the hospital does) and monitors baby's well being as well as mamas. I would not want my client separated from her baby at 24 hours, nor would I want her at the doctor's office unless something was wrong with baby.

I think the solution of saying "well, my midwife provides newborn care, so we'll be in a week after birth" is a good one. Another solution is to just be "too busy" to call and make that 24 hour appointment.
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