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July 18th, 2007, 08:44 AM
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My son is almost (I think we started at 18 months) 21 months old and we really only use spanking for serious repeat offenses and we swat him once on the bottom, so that it scares him and not necessarily hurts him. I generally try redirection first and then I count to 3 and usually by the time I get to 3 he stops what he is doing and moves on to something else. Right now, very few things warrant a swat on the diaper; this is generally reserved for him doing something that could hurt him, like touching the stove or playing with the cords to the blinds, which are things that we have drilled into his head from day 1 not to get near. My husband has swatted his hands before for things that we have asked him to stop doing more than a couple times and that actually gets his attention. I also use the word "STOP" instead of no and that really seems to grab his attention much better than "NO".
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