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September 5th, 2005, 08:15 AM
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Originally posted by darrensbaby@Sep 3 2005, 05:04 PM
Well, I'm due on the 9th of this month its the third.* I feel like i'm going to explode.* But we still have NO NAME.* So help me out here please, I do have a couple of new names to add.

Gabriel Aaron (nn Gabe)
Jaxon Colt
Jonathon Lane (nn John<-dont really like)
Elijah Xavier
Wyatt Charles

Gabrienna Rae (nn Brie)
Natalie JoAnne or Rae (nn Nat or Talie)
Aliah JoLeigh or Rayanne
Bailey JoLeigh or Ryanna (pro- Ry-anna)
Marcella Rae or JoLeigh or JoAnne or Rayanne (nn- Ella, Marcie)

Also I thought of it like this, if I were to introduce my kids, Hi these are my kids, Jordan, Nathaniel, Victoria, Carlie, & _____________.* None of my names match.* LOL.
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Well lets see here... i like Jonathan Lane and Elijah Xavier for the boys names you picked out... and for the girl names you picked.. i like Aliah Rayanne and Bailey Ryanna i think those names are sooo sweet!

i obviously dont like normal names.. hehe i like the names not many people will use.

good luck with picking the name and with your labor


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