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July 18th, 2007, 09:20 PM
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We spank for defiance, verbal disrespect of mom or dad, and lying. We do corner standing for time outs, and we do "go to your room" for having tantrums or needing to cool off.[/b]
to that! thats why we spank. and we do 'go to your room/bed' when there are crying/whining tantrums.

When Mikaela was 1-2 we spatted on her hand and told her NO. Then when she was over 2, we started spanking on her bottom.

I'm probably backwards from the norm. I spank first and do time out second. When he does something wrong, I smack the offending part (hand for grabbing something, calf for kicking something, thigh for attitude adjustments... but only because we use cloth diapers so bottom swats can't even be felt!). The only time Ben gets time outs is when he's had a major meltdown and needs to cool off. We do 1 minute per year of age, so right now, we're still doing 1 minute. When that minute is up, we don't continue to say no or whatever. We give him a hug and let him go on about his business. What's done is done. To me, especially in younger children, disciplinary action has to be clear and swift. You can't sit a 12-24 mo old down and explain why they shouldn't do something. You just have to nip it in the bud and leave it at that. We let little things slide occasionally just because we didn't get to the problem in time to fix it and he wouldn't have a clue why we're upset (like casually finding the remote control on the floor with the batteries knocked out... touching the remote is a big no-no around here ), but attitude, disrespect, tantrums, etc. are never, ever tolerated!
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