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July 18th, 2007, 10:29 PM
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So, it seems that my little sweetpea, whom everyone else and I thought would come early, decided to come 2 weeks late. Little booger.

Anyhow, my older daughter's birthday (16th) came and went. Father's day came and went. And of course, my FIL had to jinx it and say she'd be born on the 19th, my StepMIL AND her daughter's birthday. Figures.

So, we visited with my MIL for quite a while on the 18th. I was having some mild contractions, but I'd been having prodromal labor for about a week at that point, so I thought nothing of it. We went home around midnight, and then they started getting a bit stronger. Still didn't think anything of it, I'd been going thru the same thing for so long by this point.

Well, we're hanging out, the kiddo is asleep, and I'm just watching Roseanne reruns while DH plays on the computer. Finally, around 3 am, the contractions REALLY get-to-getting, and I figure I'd better pack a bag in case this is the real thing. We had just recently decided to go the hospital route, due to some... overcrowding.. issues we'd been experiencing. We have us, our 3 year old, my BIL/SIL, their two kids (3 yrs, and 6 months), her brother, my sister and her boyfriend... and I didn't want THAT many people around me when I was giving birth, as I'm a loner as it is, let alone when under stress.

I started packing my bag around 3:45 am, and then decided to take a bath to see if the ctx went away. They didn't. I got out of the tub around 4:40 am, and we called my MIL to tell her I was in labor, and ask if she was still up for attending the birth. She asked if we had time to pick her up, and I told her we'd MAKE time.

We swing by her house and grab her around 5 am, and start heading to the hospital. Since I wasn't going to that hospital's ob's, I had a crapload of info to give. We got there at 5:15ish, and I was taken to an exam room, where they found I was 4 cm dilated. She (the ob) did a quick ultrasound and found I was correct when I told her that baby was REAL low and ready to roll, and we had to get moving. Of course, she went by the usual time table (1 hr per 1 cm of dilation), and left me in the exam room to wait until they prepped a room. By about 5:40 I was having wicked pushing urges and told DH they'd better hurry the hell up. So he starts yelling out into the hallway (seriously, just like a movie scene). I sat there, with no one to even CHECK on me, until 6:10 am.

Finally, I get my room, and I'm swaying side to side while DH braces me from behind. I tell the nurse that we'd better get rolling because she was coming any minute now. She sends for the doc, who comes in around 6:30 and asks if I'd mind (in my emerg. birth plan it stated no internal exams after the first one) if she checked my dilation. I consented just to get the show on the road, and she was shocked to find I was at 9.5 cm. I'm having insane pushing urges, so I get into this WEIRD funky position that I couldn't duplicate today if I tried. I was asked twice to please lay down with my feet in stirrups, and they were met with the exorcist lady. That position hurt WAY too bad, and the one I was in felt.. right.

So, finally at 6:40, my ctx and pushing urges became strong enough that I knew it was time. I had been doing light pushing until now, when I got the MAJOR urge to bear down. So I went to town. And by that point, I barely knew my MIL was nose-deep in my crotch, or that DH was even in the room. I seriously went into outer freakin space!

The pain, honestly, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Even my own mother told me horror stories, and it wasn't that bad. To be blunt, it felt like I had to take the HUGEST poop of my life.

2 pushes into it, I started to feel the "ring of fire" as she crowned. Which is this intense, stinging sensation, not even technically a pain from what I felt. At that point, I guess my nerves were already at maximum input, so I had topped out feeling anything. 2 pushes later, her head was out, and I took a breather for a minute.

Finally, after 2 more pushes, her shoulders came free and she almost shot right out after that, at 6:59 am. My MIL held her first, still naked and wet and bloody, and I remember my MIL just crying with joy after she watched the whole thing. The cord was cut a few minutes later, and then she went to get weighed. I watched her getting weighed and all I said was "That was so f*#!ing awesome.. that was so incredible.. I did it, and she's beautiful, and that was the most intense thing I've ever done!"
Apparently, that was hilarious, because everyone in the room started cracking up.

She weighed in at 10 lbs, 1 oz, and the nurses called EVERYONE on staff to come see "the HUGE baby". I delivered the placenta, and then started to get stitched up. With her 14 inch head and 14.5 inch shoulders, and at 22.5 inches long, I suffered a second degree tear and required about 6 or 7 stitches, and also a minor vaginal-to-urethral tear that was left to heal on its own.

All in all, the hospital wasn't TOO bad, and I'm ... satisfied.. with that decision. It was funny, though, when the nurses would come in to check during my recovery.. 1 looked at her chart and went.. "10 lbs.. and you DELIVERED that?!", and 3 other thought her weight was a typo. My family makes big babies I guess!

And that is my Lilith Canaan story... so completely intense and exciting and dramatic and too cool for words!
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