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July 19th, 2007, 11:22 AM
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Wow, what a subject!

It took me a long time to realize that there were types of "spanking" that were ok.. I was abused as a child,and so was my husband,so,when we were pregnant w/Clay,we had agreed NO spanking!! Well.. than I realized theres a right way,and obviously a wrong way... Even now,at 3.5, Clay has only gotten a handful of "real" spankings.. we usually use time outs or take away privlages and that seems to get the message across more-so, tha spanking. We started the following "rules" with him around 18 months or so..
Here's how things work for us w/Clayman:

He gets a "stop" or a "don't do that" etc...
Than he gets a warning "if I have to talk to you again, you will take a time out"
If he still isn't listening.. Time out it is.. (3mins 'cuz he's 3) if he takes the time out like a big boy, all is done and over with,we explain why we had the time out,sorrys are said,kisses and hugs are given,and off we go.. if he chooses not to take the time out,than he gets something taken away (tv time,movie,V-smile)
If we are still just NOT wanitng to get w/the program, it's time for a spanking.. like I said. I can count the times on one hand how often we've had to do this.
It's just one "pop" on the bottom. We always tell him why he's getting a "pop",and always tell him we love him,and that we have to obey... It's SUPER important to me that my children know that there is a wrong way of "spanking" and a wrong way.. my parents, along w/my inlaws,never did it the "right" way,never told me(or dh) they loved me (us) etc...

As far as for Carson goes..we just get little pops on the hand for now,and "no no's" He's going to be my "hard one" tho.. we're 13 months and already enjoy throwing tantrums,hitting brother,and our newest thing.. BITING.. AHHH.. I'm in for it w/that one

Well, there's my .02 on the sujbect
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