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July 20th, 2007, 05:34 AM
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Hi Everyone,

Dh and I are ttc #2 and are going to be using the same midwives we did for dd. With dd I went to the hospital because of pressure from my Mom, who was not even sure about be using a midwife at first (she warmed up to it after she met her). The reason that I am considering a homebirth this time is because I found going to the hospital for dd completely pointless. I wandered up and down the halls, sat in the bath for a bit and then had my dd naturally and was home less than 4 hours later. I could have done all of that at home and avoided the car ride. The problem that I am facing now it that dh is not really on board after all of the blood and stuff and I am trying to convince him that it would be ok. The hospital is only 10 min away so it is not like it would be a long trip if we did have to go.

Any suggestions on what I can say to him? I know I have lots of time to try and bring him onboard, but he is slow to change his mind so I need all the time I can get lol.

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