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July 20th, 2007, 10:25 AM
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Is he worried about the mess (you mentioned "all the blood and stuff") or is he worried that it won't be safe for you to have a homebirth? I think your argument that the hospital felt like a complete waste is a good one. Also, the hospital likely slowed your labor down some, as any change of setting generally slows labor down.

If its the mess he's worried about, there's not much reason to worry...the birth kit for homebirth has pads to contain any mess and every midwife I've ever met leaves the house as clean as they found it (or cleaner). Bot my apprentice and I have been on hands and knees cleaning carpets after a birth, but we've never had anyone complain about the mess...most of the time its clean before mom or dad even knows there was a mess![/b]

Thanks so much... I will be sure to mention that to him. And I agree with the slowing down thing... I was progressing well then went to the hospital at about 9:30 pm and things slowed down until I finally delivered at 3:35am. I was home by 7:30am and enjoye being in my bed much more than at the hospital. My Mom will not have a say this time.. Although I know she meant well, I am going to stick to my guns this time as long as hubby and I are on the same page.

I wish I had know about midwives when I was going to school because I may have chosen a different career path. I think the work you all do is amazing and I would never have a baby any other way (provided I had that choice)

Thanks again!
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