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July 22nd, 2007, 01:07 AM
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This is from another board but it is really very informative and J is a very wise woman so here goes..

What your pregnant body needs is for you to get plenty of calories from mainly healthy sources, plenty of clear fluids (many herbal teas are good for pregnancy, doesn't have to be plain water), and plenty of rest/relaxation. Activity is very good but most of us civilized women do need to curtail our activities to a degree--a bit less vigorous, and less exerting on the lifting or standing-on-the-feet-too-long side of things. Walking is great--standing or shuffling slowly is not. Gardening is good--you just can't lift loads as heavy as when not pregnant. And I can't emphasize enough how important good rest is--and enough rest. Maybe you need naps or a bit of a lie-down in the afternoon. Quality of rest is important--if there is too much stress in your life, be that mental or physical, you won't rest as deeply as you need to. So, are you eating enough? Are you drinking enough? Are you getting good activity but not overdoing it? Are you resting long enough and well enough? Are you able to fully relax, or do you have stressors that need some attention?

Remember that even when you are sitting still, when pregnant you are burning more calories than a man digging a ditch! Honor this work duly--give your body what it needs to do this work well and without strain. It can be so hard for women to honor the work of pregnancy in their daily living...few consider it to be 'work' at all, and certainly not important work. Many of us feel that we have to keep up with the 'other work'--our usual workload, the visible work that can others can credit us--while pregnant. Not so!

The others have good suggestions...the only one I disagree with is False Unicorn Root. That should be saved for occasional use only when you are having patterned contractions that won't quit. FUR is an endangered species--go lightly with it! Besides, neither that nor any herb will do the trick unless you really are sufficiently fed, hydrated and rested/relaxed. Start with the basics, then go to 'medicine'--whether herbal or medical--only when the need is truly proven.

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