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July 22nd, 2007, 09:15 AM
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We have been in a foster/adopt program. We were mainly trying to adopt but, we had a lot of children in our home that we never got to adopt. We were foster parents for 6 years before adopting our first son. Now we have 2 wonderful sons. We are still on the foster/adopt program however, we are not taking foster children currently. We would love to adopt more children but, if the children are already in a home they try not to move them again. But, some foster parents choose not to adopt so they have to move them. But, we had so many children in our home that did not go up for adoption because they had other relatives that wanted to take the children. You never know what will happen when they first come into your home. That is the hard part. We loved all of these children. It is hard to fall in love with an adorable infant and then the infant has to leave.

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