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July 25th, 2007, 11:36 AM
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Oh good!! I am sooo glad you got your house back!! What a jerk,leaving your house in that mess while he just prances off. He left you something to remember his sorry(you know what) by...and thats a lesson learned,like you said!

You sound really happy,and I am happy for you! You deserve someone who treats you right,with the respect you deserve and your kids need to see. I think it's super romantic that you were a couple in HS and years later get to chatting again I'm just so happy for you!

This new drug your Dr put you on sounds promising,because it helps with compulsive behavior. I know when Joe tells me I am getting upset about something,I get more upset because I HATE being told that I am upset! If that makes sense? So,I know when someone tells you to gain weight it makes you angry and you rebel. Both our bi-polar, just reacting different to fit right into our lives...gotta love that,eh?

Nichole,Mommy to Emily and Ryan
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