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July 27th, 2007, 08:56 AM
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Let's see...

Connor is 14 months... He was born May 18th, 2006 ... He is kind of small for his age, has gorgeous silky blonde hair and these big, beautiful blue eyes ... and his lashes, oh my gosh - they go on for miles!!! He's walking, running, and getting into EVERYTHING! LOL He has a temper on him, and is famous for his tantrums! He's beginning to use words, and word association ... He refuses to say mama, but his vocabulary includes "dada", "dad", "dog", "cat", "boom", "yes", and "please" ... He has also said "Hi Hayden" once, to his baby brother ... He loves stuffed animals, he'd choose those over any other toy, and he seems to favor the color orange. He is wearing size 18-24 month clothing.

Hayden is 2 months ... He was born five weeks premature on May 14th, 2007 ... Although born early, he is a BIG boy, already weighing in at 13 lbs, and wearing six month clothing. He is our chunk, he has rolls all over, and it's so cute. He is the opposite of his brother, he has a head of thick brunette hair, and hazel eyes like me, with the looooonnngggg lashes too. He's the more mellow of the two, though he has his moments too. He is more apt to lying around in his bouncer or swing, where his brother never would. Hayden is a momma's boy too, he LOVES it when I hold him, where Connor never has liked being touched by anyone. Hayden is smiling, babbling, cooing, holding his head up, and trying really hard to crawl (though he doesn't get anywhere). He is ahead in development.

Both of my boys are good sleepers, Connor started sleeping through the night (10-12 hours) at five weeks old.
Hayden began sleeping through the night (8 hours) around eight weeks old.

BTW, I love the name Xander! If my husband and I have a third, and get the third boy we want, we will be using that name, but spelled Zander, with a z instead.
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