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July 27th, 2007, 10:26 PM
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Ok, you're right. I need to start working on this!

Friday, 20th, at 5am started to get contractions. I actually thought it was gas! I had a bath to see if it was false but it was still going so I told DH to stay home. I ate, drank and laboured at home because it seemed mild. At 8pm things started to feel worse so I called my doula. (This was the actual start of my active back labour.) I had my doula come to the house around 11pm. We stayed at the house until 1am and then went to the hospital. At the hospital we had, there were two bath tubs.. My doula, who is a retired nurse who used to be in the l & d rooms, got us one of them.. I was so pumped. I thought for sure we would have a gentle, water birth for her.. I knew that would be the best, least painful way for her to enter this world.. I checked in at 5 cm and thought the tub would help. It did, and I progressed to 7cm within 2 hours. The hypnobirthing and water helped me make it that far with all the contractions. Then I stalled out at 7cm.. The staff told me this was lasting too long. I did flights of stairs, nipple stimulation.. nothing would change. I didn't want my membrane stripped because I knew they wouldn't let me back into the tub. It was my coping tool to deal with the contractions and it was be the best way for her to enter the world. At 1pm (Sat, July 21) they stripped my membranes. I cried.. I had to mourn the way she would be here.. I didn't want that for her. They found poop so we all started to worry. They also told me that my contractions weren't steady enough and should be stabilized. They gave me synthoesonal. (sp?) an epidural, and a catheter at 3pm since I couldn't get the contractions to stabilize and they felt she was in trouble.. I was so upset. I didn't want to have these drugs. Not on this little infant. (Now, I know it was for the best, the right thing to do and ok.. We've dealt with the after effects of that crap, which I'll get to telling.) So, they gave this crap and I don't know why women think epi's are the god's sent because it maybe worked for an hour. We tryed different positions and swatting. Finally they told me if I don't push out this baby, they are going to vacuum or forcept her out. (My family has a long history of this.. I couldn't let them do it. They have enlonged heads, and bruises after.) So when I heard them getting the equipment out at 9, I pushed and pushed.. She came out at 9:20pm. They immediately took her and suctioned her out. They didn't even let DH cut the cord or hold her. They wouldn't let me have her either..

In the end she was healthy.. But I'll tell the story about the jaundice/hospital later.. speaking of floppy babies.

~I'll edit it as I can.
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