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July 29th, 2007, 02:57 PM
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The pool we used took 20 mins tops to inflate with a pump & needed no real "supervision" - plug in the pump, hook it up to pool, inflate. That way you could have it out of the way until labor was underway. Your MW could hook it up (or you could even), and then labor about as it inflated. It took another 20-30 mins to fill up, and it was great.

I would be wary of a jacuzzi tub b/c of the hard bottoms. Logistics could be difficult & your knees would wear out fast. I dont think *I* personally would want to be having to worry about my knees aching on top of it all and then in a long pushing phase having to move locations just because the tub became uncomfortable. I could see where it would easily be uncomfortable with a hard bottom on your knees after even only 20 mins.

We bought the La Bassine - it is more "oval" shaped but still wide enough to maneuver about. It takes up about 6 ft of room, but its not excessive. It has handles on the inside, and is well enough insulated that its good for several hours without using a heater.

I bought it at

And - its reasonably priced!!!


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