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July 29th, 2007, 05:21 PM
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For my kids I never timed the minutes or anything, I simply followed our nightly routine and put them to bed. I listened to their cries and as long as they were just fussing, I would let them be to settle down on thier own. If I could tell that they needed me, I would go back in, give them back their soother and blankie, lay them back down and rub thier face while I shushed and hummed quietly to them. When they were calm I would say goodnight and leave again. On a couple of occasions I sat in the rocking chair and let Tyler hold onto my finger through the rails of his crib until he drifted off.

But I never pick them up, once I say goodnight and put them to bed, they know that is where they are staying until morning. And I don't turn lights on, even if they need to be changed I keep things dark and quiet, and I only shh, whisper or hum to them.

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