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August 1st, 2007, 06:03 AM
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Hi everyone. My name is Christine, and I just found out this past weekend I'm due with #3 in April. I think DH and I are seriously leaning towards a homebirth this time around.... I'll give you a little background on me...

With my first, Lily, I had an uneventful pregnancy, I saw a group of 6 OBs and delivered at a hospital. I had never met the doctor that delivered Lily, it was her first day at the hospital. I sat in triage for over 12 hours, had a highly medicalized birth, complete with pitocin and an epidural. My entire labor was over 20 hours long. I didn't receive any breastfeeding support at the hospital, and Lily and I had major latch issues so I ended up pumping for about 6 months.

With my second, Julia, I was determined not to have a repeat of that again. I wanted a natural intervention free birth. I found a midwife in our area that delivered at a hospital that had a seperate birthing center. I had another uncomplicated pregnancy, and a wonderful natural waterbirth. From the time I got to the hospital until I delivered, it was about 4 hours. I was up walking around right after, Julia had no problems nursing, and I left the center a day early. It was great.

Now that I'm pregnant with #3, I wouldn't mind going that route again, however our health insurance has changed and going to that center and having my midwife isn't an option. The only hospital my insurance would be taken at is the hospital I had Lily at. I refuse to go there. So it is looking like a homebirth is a real possibility. I found two different CNMs that do homebirths in my area, and have appointments with each next week. Dh isn't "completely" on board, but he says I can do whatever I want. He just doesn't understand why we pay so much for health insurance and I'd pay out of pocket for this. The quotes I've been getting for a homebirth are around 4,000.... does that seem about right?

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