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August 1st, 2007, 02:53 PM
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I knew several years ago (decades, even) her fiance was murdered, the prosecutor did a crappy job, the murderer went free, or got a light sentence, or something, . . . Anyhow, I knew she was at least as old as me. She's actually 3 years older. I'm happy for her being pregnant with twins. That's gotta be real tough on the body, though.I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Tammy. So, Tammy, what's it like to be young and pregnant? I've only been old and pregnant (1st baby 39, second 41) and it's rough. Sooooo, glad I have my girls, though. They're worth everything I went through to have them![/b]
Thank you! All my pregnancy were good! My Boys were big at birth. Jeremy 1Opds 8 ozs.& Jared 9pds. 3 ozs. I have been very Blessed to have healthy children. {except for the 2 miscarrys my hubby John & I had} My kids have always been my life. I am such a home body! KWIM? JUST LOVE BEING A MOMMA!
Hope this is your lucky month tammy.I would be happier if you where pregnant than Nancy grace lol[/b]
Thank you! Mel, you crack me up!
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