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August 1st, 2007, 10:48 PM
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I was just on the Choosing Not To Vaccinate board and it scared the crap out of me. I DO NOT want to give birth in a hospital.

From what the girls on there have said, the hospital went ahead and gave their babies shots without even asking them. I do not want my child to be vaccinated because of all the risks. Some babies have died because of the vaccines and I'm not risking anything with this child. I don't want a medicated birth and I don't want people to lie to me in a hospital.

My problem is that I'm in rural Ohio, in between Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I'm 18 and my SO is 20, it's our first and I'm terrified of giving birth unassisted. I would need a midwife. I need to know if midwifes take insurances and if they travel or would I have to go to them? I'm pretty sure that there are no birth centers around here and Pittsburgh is an hour away if I would need to travel to one.

What do you girls recommend I do? Should I give birth unassisted, go to a hospital and stick it out, try to find a midwife, what? I'm so worried and confused.

I'm going to my first official doctor's visit on Friday and I don't know if I should now. Should I go to the doctor's for check-ups or should I find a midwife right away? Can I just have a midwife for birth? Do I need to see them from the start?

Thanks in advance!
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