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August 2nd, 2007, 07:04 AM
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Personally, I would recommend finding a midwife right away and seeing her from the start. You will be happier with the level of care you will recieve. The average amount of time an OB spends with you on a prenatal is 5 minutes. With a midwife you'll have at least a half hour, probably more, and will definitely get all your questions answered. I wouldn't recommend unassissted. Particularly with your first. It's always good to have someone there just in case you have a complication. I'm sure you could use that peace of mind.

I just looked up what the legal status is for lay midwives in OH and they are not legally regulated there, but also not prohibited. This means if you can find a CPM close enough to you your insurance MAY cover some of the cost. You'll have to talk to your insurance co about it. If you can find a CNM you'll have a better shot at getting it covered, but some CNM's are more medically minded and have more restrictions because they have to be supervised by a Dr in most states. Medicaid will not cover a CPM in your state, they probably will cover a CNM though. If you're not familiar with these terms look at This has info specific to NC, but it describes the terms quite well and has good general home birth info.

Here are a few sites to help you in finding a midwife...

Best of luck to you, I hope this helps!


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