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August 2nd, 2007, 07:59 PM
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Well, I went for a sonogram and appointment yesterday and I was measuring 1.5 weeks behind...only 4.5 weeks when I'm pretty sure I'm around 6 weeks. And of course, we could only see a sac. So that ended up taking precedence over anything else. The doctor feels that its entirely possible I found out I was pregnant at 2-4 DPO because my HCG was only 12 two weeks ago (was it only two weeks?). He ordered another HCG yesterday and I got the results today...7000, so we're on track, and I have another draw on Friday and then a sonogram on Wednesday...we're hoping to see a BABY at that point. And in the midst of all of this, I'm thinking HOW the HECK did I get HERE?!

I've been reading about the mutated gene I have. I can never remember the exact name, but if you google "methyl folate mutation," it'll turn up what it is. It appears that the type of mutation I have (heterozygous, meaning only one of a pair of genes is mutated) is present in about 44% of the population, and that it really only matters in pregnancy if you have elevated levels of homocystine (or something like that), and that the elevated level can be fixed by a complex assortment of B vitamins and folate in most cases. The OB (I keep typing "my doctor" and deleting it because it just sounds so committed and I'm NOT) said that there's a lot of controversy about treating this mutated factor (and I'm reading that he's absolutely right!), but he feels that given my "history" (of miscarriage before 5 weeks of pregnancy), I should be on the blood thinners for the entire pregnancy, as well as a very high dose of folic acid.

Right now I'm trying to get through the first trimester, to a point where I can actually feel like I'm pregnant and going to have a baby. The birth seems so far off right now, when I'm only supposedly 4.5 weeks along and we can't even see a baby in there, ya know? BUT, after the first tri, I plan to get multiple opinions on whether this should be treated or not, even given my "history." Right now I'm leaning toward not continuing the blood thinners after the first trimester and having an unassisted birth, but I'm not sure how to do that without creating a controversy with "the OB" ;-) and what the safety concerns might be with discontinuing blood thinners.

The good news, at least, is that the type of dose I'm injecting contains zero preservatives, though it is made from pork intestine (gross!!). DH is concerned (and rightly so) about the effect of blood thinners on the baby, especially given that some newborns bleed for no apparant reason even without being exposed to blood thinners for their entire intrauterine life. I haven't found much informaiton on that, though.

And please, don't apologize for being nosy. I really need some sanity in this because I feel like I'm getting sucked into something that I'm not entirely sure is necessary or even helpful, ya know?
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